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SarahPearmanQuote.jpgMs. Sarah has lived in her home for 30 years. As a senior citizen, age has taken a small toll on her. She is physically and financially unable to keep up with home repairs, which left the home unsafe, and in despair. 

Leaving the house was always a concern as she was fearful that she would fall. The floor in her bathroom was nothing but plywood that had been rotted through, and the roof was leaking in several places, which made the spring rain dreadful. She was living in fear in her own home, a place that is meant to feel safe and secure.

After Rebuilding Together Tulsa saw her living conditions, volunteers took action. Ms. Sarah received a brand new roof, handrails for the front and back yard, energy efficiency repairs, and a brand new bathroom floor! Ms. Sarah is no longer living in her home with worry and fear of injury.SarahPearmanRoof.jpg

“The roof doesn’t leak anymore. Now I can be excited about the rain. I just love it.”

Safety and security are important qualities of a home, and Rebuilding Together Tulsa recognizes those needs. Ms. Sarah has a new sense of homeownership and safety thanks to the generosity of people like you!

“Thank you so much! Everything you did to my home was a wonderful blessing!”

There are hundreds of Tulsa neighbors in need of home repairs. Your donations can make a difference in their homeownership pride and their sense of safety and security.

To make a donation please visit our website!SarahPearmanBathroom.jpg