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Ms. Bessie

Ms.Bessie is 85 years old and has lived in her home for 26 years. She loves to bake and welcomes friends into her home with open arms. A surgery for a brain tumor, a back surgery and joint problems have made it difficult for her to get around her home on her own. She uses a walker and assistance from a healthcare provider.

She had  a steep, weathered and unstable ramp she had to use when going to docotr appointments. When Rebuilding Together Tulsa staff first visited her home, she said, "I have a terrible fear of going down that ramp."BessieMooreRamp.jpg

QuikTrip stepped in to partner with Rebuilding Together Tulsa to make a difference in the home and life of Ms. Bessie. They sponsored and provided volunteers to build a new wheelchair ramp for Ms. Bessie.

When she saw their completed work, she said, "I love it. I do. I do. I do!"

Ms. Bessie was thrilled that she would be able to safely get outside to attend her grandson's wedding at the end of October.

"My old ramp was an accident waiting to happen. I was so fearful. Now I can go outside! This is such a blessing."BessieMooreRamp.jpg

Ms. Bessie baked pound cake for the volunteers to say thank you. She said, "My mother told me to never let someone be nicer to you than you are to them. I have remembered that. There is no reason to not be generous!"

Thank you to QuikTrip for making this transformation possible for Ms. Bessie!

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