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Hearts Rebuilding Homes 2017 Recap

overview_2.jpgLast month was our first annual Hearts Rebuilding Homes event!

The evening of February 9th is one that will forever be remembered as we continue to move forward with this new tradition. Hearts Rebuilding Homes is a fundraiser event that shows our funders and supporters who we are and what we do. When our guests walked through the doors of the Stokely Event Center they knew right away what they were there for, our Tulsa neighbors.

Bright neon signs from historical venues in Tulsa hang from the ceiling and vintage video games line the walls. Glamourized paint buckets filled with tools are placed in the center of the tables. Paint_bucket.jpg

Auction tables are filled with items ready for bids.Homeowner stories and pictures are set up on every table. The slideshow is scrolling through our mission and our vision. All of these things combined have one purpose, to bring volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income Tulsa neighbors.

This event defines who we are as Rebuilding Together Tulsa.  It signs2.jpgemphasizes what we do and why we do it. It is centered on Tulsa from the decorations of the venue to the neighbors and families who call it home. Thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors for making our event such a success! Hearts Rebuilding Homes 2017 raised $40, 830.42.


Hearts Rebuilding Homes 2017 Sponsors

Hille Foundation- Platinum Sponsorship $10,000

Mary Ann Hille- Gold Sponsorship $5,000

Williams- Gold Sponsorship $5,000

Aaon- Silver Sponsorship $2,500

Wedlake Fabrication- Bronze Sponsorship $1,000

ICO- Bronze Sponsorship $1,000

Irby- Bronze Sponsorship $1,000

Chip & Elaine Ard- Bronze Sponsorship $1,000

Mattocks Family- Bronze Sponsorship $1,000


See you next year at Hearts Rebuilding Homes 2018!