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Happier and Safer

Mr. Mazen didn't know where to turn when he needed a new roof and safety repairs so he and his wife would continue to have a safe place to raise their children.


Ms. Sarah has lived in her home for 30 years. As a senior citizen age has taken a small toll on her. She is physically and financially unable to keep up with home repairs, which left the home unsafe, and in despair.

Hearts Rebuilding Homes 2017 Recap

You Can Help Provide a Home for the Holidays!

Mr. Walter and Ms. Janette have lived in their home for 38 years. Throughout the years, they have made repairs on their own home, but as they age, they are physically and financially unable to make the repairs needed on their home to age in place. Learn how YOU can make a difference!

Help Give a Home for the Holidays

Ms. Mildred is 85 years old and has lived in her home for 53 years. Her house has been home to countless family gatherings for her 3 children and 9 grandchildren. Ms. Mildred suffers from neuropathy in her legs and has difficulty moving about her home. Learn how you can make a difference for a homeowner like Ms. Mildred this Holiday season!