Rebuilding Together Tulsa’s (RTT) home repair program was created in 1997 out of the need for home repairs for homeowners living on limited incomes.  All homes are located in Tulsa City Limits.

The home repair program has four areas focused on some the biggest needs of our clients.  This includes replacing roofs, making homes energy efficient, providing home modifications and general needs such as plumbing, electrical and paint.  These repairs are grouped under roofs, energy efficiency,  safe at home and ROOT.  Homeowners can, and often, receive repairs in multiple focus areas of the home repair program as their needs are assessed on an individual basis.   

Energy Efficiency

Each home worked on receives energy efficiency repairs made possible by funding provided by AEP/PSO. These repairs could include attic insulation, weatherizing doors and windows, sealing large gaps and cracks, installing CFL bulbs, etc. On average, $300 is saved by homeowners on their energy bill, which is 2% of our client's average income.


  • Install insulation
  • Replace broken windows
  • Install weather stripping around windows and doors
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs)
  • Install Energy Star qualified lighting fixtures
  • Install daylight sensors or timers on all exterior lighting
  • Install smoke and CO detectors
  • Replace HVAC filters with pleated filters
  • Install exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens 
  • Install water conserving fixtures
  • Plant trees or use native plant species in landscaping projects 
  • Heat/Air
  • Energy Star Appliances 

Safe at Home

Rebuilding Together Tulsa's Safe at Home repairs focus on providing a safe living environment for the homeowner.


These repairs can include:

  • Wheelchair ramps 
  • Handrails 
  • Grab bars 
  • ADA faucets 
  • Lever door handles 
  • Hand held showers 
  • Shower seats 
  • Raised toilets 
  • Remove torn carpet/tiles 
  • Other home modification repairs that provide for the safety of our homeowners 
  • Smoke Detectors 
  • Co2 Detectors 
  • Fire Extinguishers


One of the biggest needs for homeowners is roof replacement or repair. Many of the other repairs that are offered can not be made until the roof is repaired or replaced. If other repairs are made to the home when the roof is leaking, these repairs are futile.  For example, insulation cannot be blown in for fear that it would get wet, sheetrock cannot be replaced and electrical repairs cannot happen. 


Faulty roofs can cause many issues for the low-income clients we serve.  Leaky roofs use a lot of energy causing high energy bills for homeowners on limited incomes.  This can cause stress and worry for the homeowner.  When inclement weather arrives, the moisture from the rain, ice or snow can cause additional damage to the home, which results in higher roof replacement costs and requires increased resources to make additional repairs. Many of the roof leaks are so severe, that homeowners are placing buckets under the leak to catch the rain or melting snow and ice.



Volunteer teams make repairs including:

  • Electrical 
  • Plumbing 
  • Door locks 
  • Carbon monoxide/smoke detectors 
  • Carpentry 
  • Paint prep (including testing for lead paint and safe work practices to reduce exposure to homeowners) 
  • Interior and Exterior paint 
  • Yard clean-up 
  • Exterior house numbers 
  • Other repairs identified on a case by case basis