Volunteers Spruce up Veteran's Home

Volunteers spruce up Tulsa veteran's home

On this hot and steamy Thursday a group of volunteers spent their time sprucing up the home of a local veteran. The critical repairs are saving army veteran Larry Brazeal and his wife more than just money.

With tools in hand volunteers worked on this 65-year-old home."I've basically been on this street my whole life. My parents' house is this one and we took it when my mother passed away," Brazeal said.

Brazeal cherishes the memories he shared in this home; like back in the 1970's when he stood in the front yard and posed for pictures in his army uniform.

The history of his house is one reason why he appreciates the help from Rebuilding Together Tulsa.

"This is a real blessing and its stuff I couldn't put together and money is tight," Brazeal said.

A company quoted Brazeal and his wife $12,000 to fix a long list of repairs.

"It's hard to get up at two in the morning and watch the water dripping in your living room," Brazeal said.

An even bigger problem is all the termites eating up the walls.

"We are basically refurbishing the outside of the house; putting in new siting. There is some dry wall work in the inside. We have some rotten wood on the east side of the building that has to be replaced," said Terry Rainey, volunteer with Rebuilding Together Tulsa.

Rainey whose been volunteering for the past eight years says it's a plus when he gets to serve one of our nation's heroes.

'We are doing it for him and his family and in thanks for what he has given to us," Rainey said.

While Brazeal shies away when receiving help from strangers, he's grateful others care about his home too.

"They are just a blessing. I appreciate every single one of them and those who support the organization," Brazeal said.

In the past 19 years Rebuilding Together Tulsa has provided free home repairs for more than 1500 homeowners.

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