QT employees help north Tulsa woman

TULSA -- A group of volunteers helped a north Tulsa woman rebuild her wheelchair ramp Saturday.

Cora Bunch from north Tulsa has been wheel-chair bound since 2006 when she had a stroke. Bunch says she's not the only one in need of help.

“There are three wheelchairs in this house. Me and my two sons we're wheelchair bound."

After years of wear and tear her home's ramp is finally getting a makeover.

A group of QuikTrip employees are volunteering their weekend to build Bunch a brand new ramp.

“It's something we've always really liked to do because you get to meet the people you're helping,” said Glynn Davis, a supervisor for QuikTrip.

The volunteers are working with Rebuilding Together Tulsa which helps more than 100 low-income families every year have a safer home.

Not only are they building Bunch a ramp. They're also widening her doors.

“We need things so we can get in and out of doors without scraping the sides and tearing up the house,” said Bunch.

Bunch says she and her family will soon be able to move around more easily around the house. "I'm just grateful for the people that are helping me."

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